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psRadar - A Service For Monitoring Plex and Sonarr Servers.
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Simple Tokens Connects Everything.
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Share The Previous and Next Two Weeks of Your Sonarr Calendar With Your Public Token.
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Monitor Your Hardware Stats and Plex Streamers.
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A License Will Cover 1 to 5 Servers.
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Server Agent Is A Light 32-bit .NET 4.5 Application.

Monitors Plex.tv and Sonarr.tv by connecting to their API. Download Windows or GNU/Linux(no hardware monitoring) server agents after registering an account. Use the web and/or the free Android app (download to phone) to monitor activity. Friends can monitor the Sonarr calendar safely with a public token key.

Security, Efficiency and Privacy
Agent - Server - App communication is all done by 2048bit key / SHA256 SSL encryption. API data is uploaded using GZip reaching 10x compression. New Sonarr data is represented every 10 seconds while hardware and Plex every 2 seconds. API connection credentials are stored in an encrypted state and only ever used to communicate with the specified API services at localhost. The credentials never leave your network. psRadar account passwords are stored as MD5 hashes. Use a valid e-mail so you can recover an account if needed.

Closed for new registrations.
You may want to check out the newer and self-hosted psRadar Direct version instead!