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psRadar - A Service For Monitoring Plex and Sonarr Servers.
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Simple Tokens Connects Everything.
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Share The Previous and Next Two Weeks of Your Sonarr Calendar With Your Public Token.
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Monitor Your Hardware Stats and Plex Streamers.
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A License Will Cover 1 to 5 Servers.
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Server Agent Is A Light 32-bit .NET 4.5 Application.


To psRadar, a service for monitoring Plex.tv and Sonarr.tv servers, based on their API connection data. Windows (.NET 4.5+) and GNU/Linux (Mono latest) is supported (GNU/Linux version does not have hardware monitoring). Download the agent after registering an account, and then insert a private token to start the monitor. After that, monitoring can be done through an Internet page and/or the free Android app.

Pricing and Availability

Registrations are currently only available by manual request. I'm looking for an extra server to run it on before I make it fully available for open registrations, free or otherwise. There's currently a $5 USD monthly fee per agent (physical or virtual server you want to monitor). While looking for a server partner, I currently only offer room for a few users, as a start.

Why does it cost money?
I created this service as more as a credential/showcase/portfolio as well as my need for monitoring my own servers, than any hope of making money of it. With that said, I'd also prefer not to load the server too much by simply offering it free to anyone as I'm paying for the server and bandwidth out of own pocket as a hobby. I'm still considering the server requirements continuously. So far with few users, it's running very smoothly.

How does it work?
psRadar is a 3-part system, Agent - Server - App. A setup like this bypasses any firewall and router not blocking SSL/443. The Agent sends data to the psRadar service server compressed with GZip then encoded as a base64 string, reaching about 10x compression, saving loads of bandwidth. It sends HW stats and Plex session data every ~2 sec, with Sonarr calendar data every ~10 sec, usually in bulks of 2KiB, depending on your server traffic. ALL communication is done by 2048bit key / SHA256 SSL encryption. The Android app then talks with the server which presents the data in a nice way in real time.

Is it safe to use?
Yes. Any credentials entered into Agent are NOT sent to server. It's STRICLY used to communicate with the local Plex and/or Sonarr services that runs on the same computer/server as the agent itself (localhost). The credentials never leaves your network. They are only stored in %userprofile%\AppData and even encrypted there - just because! Neither Plex nor Sonarr is actually required. It can be used for only HW stats.