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psRadar - A Service For Monitoring Plex and Sonarr Servers.
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Simple Tokens Connects Everything.
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Share The Previous and Next Two Weeks of Your Sonarr Calendar With Your Public Token.
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Monitor Your Hardware Stats and Plex Streamers.
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A License Will Cover 1 to 5 Servers.
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Server Agent Is A Light 32-bit .NET 4.5 Application.

Monitors Plex.tv and Sonarr.tv by connecting to their API. Download Windows or GNU/Linux(no hardware monitoring) server agent software after registering an account and insert a private token. Monitor through the web and/or the free Android app. Your friends and users can monitor the calendar with public token.

Pricing / Licensing
Registration includes 1 free agent for 30 days. PayPal Donations are Welcome!
Every $5 USD donated will add another month of service.

Security, Efficiency and Privacy
Agent - Server - App communication is all done by 2048bit key / SHA256 SSL encryption. API data is uploaded using GZip reaching 10x compression. New Sonarr data is represented every 10 seconds while hardware and Plex every 2 seconds. API connection credentials are stored in an encrypted state and only ever used to communicate with the specified API services at localhost. The credentials never leave your network.